2010: Bachelor of Science in Political Science from University of Houston
2015: Doctor of Jurisprudence from Texas Tech


Experience dealing with complex family law, custody and child support cases.

  • Licensed to practice in the State of Texas
About Ray:

Raymond Chow was born in Dallas, Texas and moved to El Paso in 2017 to work for the Office of the Attorney General (Child Support Division). There, he made invaluable contacts whom he is also fortunate enough to call his friends. In addition to the wonderful people he met, he gained a lot of knowledge about child and medical support as well as the inner operating process of the Office of the Attorney General.

Mr. Chow is licensed to practice law in the State of Texas, specializing in family law cases. He is a great listener, patient, reasonable, tells it how it is, and will actually work your case so you can reach a conclusion sooner. He works well with others and can win most people over.

On his spare time, Ray likes to lift weights, conquer the nearby mountains, read up on the latest automotive news or politics, and eat endless quesadillas.

Legal matters are very stressful. Hiring an attorney shouldn't be.